The Propaganda of “Sexual Orientation”

We didn’t get here by accident.  From a cultural perspective, which obviously leads to political opinion, we opened the door to homo-marriage when we changed our view from, “homosexuality is wrong”, to “traditional marriage is right”.  Once we conceded(intentionally or not) that homosexuals are just normal people with a different “sexual orientation”, but that we still need to protect marriage because of our religion, the downhill slide began.

The term “sexual orientation”, is nothing more than a propagandist term, intended to normalize a behavior that is anything but.  When you create a term that turns a behavior into an identity, and the term sounds scientific, and you spend decades repeating the term publicly, at every opportunity, and nobody with a large platform speaks out against it, you can move public opinion in a very dramatic way.  Most people are very weak emotionally, and easily allow their emotions to drive their worldview.  Political correctness, and the fear of being offensive, has caused normal people to either stay silent, or soften their views to fit in.  Even members of the medical community have been forced into silence concerning the health risks of using the digestive tract as a sex organ.

I hate using worn-out clichés, but sometimes they just fit perfectly.  You know the old classic TV show, “The Twilight Zone”?  In every episode, there is a pivotal moment, when the sinister creepiness of whatever is really going on, is revealed to the audience.  The strangeness of those moments, is exactly what I feel when I see homo couples being used in modern advertisements for companies like Tylenol.  The difference is, instead of being entertaining, these commercials make me feel nervous, or uncomfortably anxious.  I still haven’t decided if the advertisements are simply misguided PR, a celebration of a perceived victory, or a calculated effort to more aggressively subvert the minds of children in the comfort of their own homes, by placing homosexuality right in front of their faces.  After all, what’s more “unbiased” than a television commercial?


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