It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Wrong, Just Keep Lying

I’ve got to hand it to them.  If there’s anything that secular-regressives do well, it’s create outrageous, blatantly false narratives, and then use those narratives to trick the uninformed masses into joining their side of an issue.
       For example, if you would prefer that doctors not be allowed to go into a woman’s womb, tear a baby limb from limb, and then suck it out with a vacuum cleaner, that’s only because “YOU HATE WOMEN”, and are waging a “WAR ON WOMEN”.  Or, if you happen to be of the humble opinion, that only United States citizens should be voting for things that happen in the United States, and that citizenship should be proven before casting a vote,  it’s simply because “YOU ARE A RACIST”, and “YOU HATE MINORITIES”.
       The latest unintelligible accusations being vomited by the regressive-left, are the response to the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, that were almost passed in Indiana, and here in Arkansas.  From what I could gather, the laws were written to prevent private businesses from being shut down for refusing to partake in something that violates their religious convictions.  The laws, in no way, would’ve given businesses the right to refuse service to someone because of that person’s chosen identity.  It simply would’ve given them the right, not to partake in an activity, or an event, that violates their religious beliefs.  Under House Bill 1228, a restaurant owner would’ve had some degree of legal protection for refusing to cater a homosexual wedding.  The law would not however, have given that restaurant owner any protection for refusing to serve a meal to a patron simply for being a homosexual.
And there in lies the public misconception, that was caused intentionally by the regressive-left.
       Immediately, as if they have a group of staff writers churning this stuff out ahead of time, the melodramatic talking points began flying, and the narrative began.
 And the silliest one that I saw: “DON’T LEGALIZE HATE!”
       The Last time I checked, hate was already very much legal, and has been since the beginning of time.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the Oregon baker, who was hated out of his livelihood, for refusing to partake in a homosexual wedding.  Instead of politely accepting the fact that this particular baker was morally opposed to homosexual marriage and was obeying his Lord’s will, that homosexual couple had to make it personal and sue that poor baker into nonexistence.  Why didn’t they just find another bakery?  It’s because this issue has never been about equality, or tolerance.  It’s always been about trying to force people who disagree, namely Christians, to give up their faith and submit, by any means necessary.  It’s not good enough for the regressive-left, specifically the homosexual movement, to just enjoy the freedom we have in America, and to live their lives as they see fit.  Real Christians love everybody for the Lord’s sake, but that’s not good enough either.  They won’t be happy until biblical Christianity is dead.  And since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, they want to sue, and shout, and hate, and lie, until they get their way.
       To make matters worse, most of the media loves to help advance these false narratives.  One local newspaper columnist even gave a fake statistic about the public’s opinion on homosexual marriage, saying that, “six out of 10 people are OK with gay marriage”, despite the fact that laws to ban homosexual marriage were passed by the people, in every state that voted on it.  Here in Arkansas, 70 percent voted to ban homosexual marriage.  He then proceeded to create a new Jesus to fit his ideology, instead of just being honest and saying he disagrees with the real Jesus.  Then, just when I thought the drama queens in the media couldn’t get any more dramatic, another columnist tiptoed right up to the edge of insanity, and compared this situation to Central High in 1957.
       Secular-regressives can’t have an honest debate about anything; and they know it.  They know, that if they were to approach every discussion with honesty, they’d lose every time.  What the regressive-left may not realize though, is that real Christians are immovable.  Real Christians are not going to do anything that violates the teachings of the bible, no matter what laws are created.  If I were a baker, there’s lots of things I wouldn’t bake a cake for; and a homosexual wedding is at the top of that list.

7 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Wrong, Just Keep Lying

  1. God forbid you’d ever be made to BAKE A CAKE for someone. You know what gay people have had to put up with through history? Murder. Imprisonment. Concentration camps. I don’t understand how someone can be “morally” opposed to homosexual marriage. There is nothing moral about such hateful discrimination. You are a disgrace to your religion. My grandfather was a priest and I am disgusted to think that people like you are bundled up into same religion as he, who was so accepting of other people.

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    1. Okay, I need you to dry your tears, and pay attention. In a civil society, NOBODY should be forced to partake in something that violates their conscience. I wouldn’t expect an atheist baker to bake a cake for any wedding, due to the fact that weddings are a religious ceremony. I can be morally opposed to “homosexual marriage” because homosexual behavior is immoral. Does that clear it up for you?

      Do you know what Christians have had to put up with throughout history? Murder. Imprisonment. Being fed to lions. Torture. Beheadings. Crucifixions. In reality, homosexuality partakers have experienced various degrees of approval and disapproval of their lifestyle, depending on the time and culture. It was extremely popular during the Roman empire for example. On the flip side, Muslims still love to throw homo-partakers off of skyscrapers in Middle Eastern countries.

      So the reality is, nobody deserves to be treated with violence for their religion, or because they enjoy deviant sex. Nor should anyone be forced to violate their conscience to spare someone else’s feelings. In fact, the word “discrimination” has become so overused and misused by neurotic Leftists, that it’s become a propaganda word, even if it’s not necessarily intentional.

      Oh, and if your grandfather approved of homosexual behavior, he was an apostate.

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        1. I believe The Bible. The Bible declares it immoral, and that’s enough for me.
          But if you’re looking for something other than that, I’d point to the human anatomy. We have a reproductive system, and a digestive system. They both work the way they’re supposed to. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her vagina secretes a sexual lubricant that allows the penis of the man to slide in easily. Her body makes eggs, that the mans semen fertilizes to create a child. This is the reproductive system.

          The anus is the end of the digestive tract. It’s where our body releases our feces, after it has passed through our digestive system. It does not secrete any lubricant to allow for sex because it is not a sex organ. It is a digestive organ.

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  2. Well said Clint, once again I agree. To the dissenters-for one thing, bakers haven’t refused to bake cakes for homosexuals-they’ve refused to bake cakes which are explicitly decorated to celebrate a homosexual “marriage”, as homosexual unions are unbiblical. Second, this seems to only target Christians-I haven’t heard of Muslims being expected to bake cakes for homosxual “weddings”, or sell barbecued pork sandwiches, etc.

    The Bible does indeed call homosexuality an abomination-how can anyone call someone “unChristian” for following the admonishments of the very text of Christianity? (And before anyone brings up eating shellfish and other Old Testament laws directed to Judaic ritual, the admonishment against homosexuality is also in the New Testament. Just as are murder, adultery, ec, still sins. If anyone thinks that’s “hateful”, they should take it up with Jesus, who taught/preached on the subject of hell more than any other one topic).


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