The PR Machine Called Wal-Mart

For decades, Wal-Mart has epitomized everything the regressive-left hates about corporate America.  While they make multi-millionaires out of their executives, their store employees have consistently been among the lowest paid workers in the country.  The Waltons themselves have ensured that their family will remain billionaires for generations to come, by reaping the rewards of a publicly traded company, while maintaining ownership of 51% of the company’s shares.  That majority ownership allows them to maintain control over all decision-making as if it were still nothing more than the family business.  These things, along with being the world’s largest retailer, have made them the number one corporate target of the left.

All that hate however, hasn’t stopped Wal-Mart from finding little ways to win the left over to their side.  When they saw the coming onslaught against intelligence, known as “Global Warming”, they got ahead of it, by making small, low-cost changes, to create the appearance of an “environmentally friendly” company.  Wal-Mart knew, that if they could make it seem like they were really trying, they could get the heat off of themselves, and directed elsewhere.  And while they were at it, they could get some environmentalist wackos shopping in their stores.

Earlier this year, when they decided to raise the minimum wage company-wide, to $10 dollars per hour, it was because they knew in doing so, they would quiet down the talks for a national minimum wage hike.  You know, ‘lets raise it to $10, before we’re forced to raise it to $15′.  They came out looking like the good guys, despite the fact that it didn’t improve their employees’ living conditions significantly enough to even mention.  It was pure propaganda.

Now, with their more recent alliance with the homosexual political movement, in its war on normality, Wal-Mart seems to be extending olive branches to the left, anytime it’s financially convenient to do so.  Heck, they even took it upon themselves to help the Democrat Party whitewash its own racist history, by deciding to stop selling the Democrat battle flag.  And as much as I hate to see Wal-Mart doing these things, it’s all actually so brilliant from a business perspective. Think about it: they won’t lose a significant amount of their historical customer base for two reasons: first, most of us are uninformed about the leftist positions they are taking, and second, most of us are not wealthy enough to shop anywhere else.  Wal-Mart is well aware of these two facts.  So, in addition to maintaining their historical customer base, they are adding pro-union leftists to their customer base, all-the-while still not unionizing, which is why the left hated them in the first place.  They are profiting by using both sides’ ignorance against them.  Pander to the right with image and low prices; pander to the left with subtle, behind the scenes activism, that most who disagree, won’t hear about.

Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  They’re not the world’s largest retailer for nothing.


6 thoughts on “The PR Machine Called Wal-Mart

  1. It’s not a democrat battle flag. You’re either badly misinformed or just irretrievably stupid. And who cares? They’re freaking Walmart. If they go environmentally friendly and raise their pay that’s a good thing. Why’s it got to be some liberal plot to dominate the world? They already dominate the world.


    1. You either posses an attention span too short to read 500 words, or you lack basic comprehension skills. I would imagine a lot of people care; I know I do. You can’t rewrite history no matter how much you’d love to cover up the truth. It is indeed a Democrat battle flag. Go look it up before you attack someone on the internet. I didn’t say it was a “Liberal plot to dominate the world”. I said it was a brilliant business strategy to keep growing their business, which is what it is.


  2. So what evidence do you have against global warming? And I mean EVIDENCE, not just proclamations that whatever I’ve heard is propaganda and that I need to seek out different sources. What I want to know is WHAT made YOU think it’s a sham? As always, you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, just curious about the specifics.


    1. AD,

      It’s interesting to me, that I wrote an article about how Wal-Mart will stop at nothing to grow their business, and how brilliant their PR team must be, and all you took from it was the part about global warming.

      Four times per year, at 3 month intervals, the weather changes: from cold, to mild, to hot, to mild, to cold again. It did it this year. It did it last year. It did it the year before that. It did it 5 years ago. It did it 10 years ago. It did it 20 years ago, etc., etc. It rains in the Spring; plants bloom. It burns in the Summer; things dry out. Things die out in the Fall. Everything is dormant in the Winter, and it snows. Nothing changes, except 4 times per year, the way it always has. Common sense should tell anybody that global warming is a hoax.

      There is a lot of money to be made off of renewable energy. It’s more expensive, and companies like General Electric would love to sell you a $7 dollar light bulb, instead of a $.33 cent light bulb, for example. Big government is in bed with big business, to enact policies that will give the government more authority over our lives, and big business more of our paychecks. Renewable energy will make everybody’s electric bills go up, and the ripple effect of that, plus the banning of oil and coal, will cause the middle class to go into utter poverty.

      You may, or may not be aware, that in the 1970’s, “global cooling” was the narrative. How can we go from global cooling, to global warming, in less than 40 years? We can’t, because it’s a hoax. Anytime it’s been convenient for them, they’ll point to the weather and say, “Look, there’s proof.” But when the weather doesn’t cooperate with their agenda, they say, “Well, you can’t base global warming on the weather.” I’ve also watched documentaries, and interviews from scientists, who were independent of the “system”, who confirmed all of this, and explained why in great detail. I apologize for not having the time to look all this stuff up and provide you with links, but it’s out there, and if you’re truly interested, you ought to check it out.

      By the way, AD; if something is propaganda, and we believe it so much as to say we know it, I don’t see any reason why we can’t proclaim it as such.


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