They Ain’t Makin’ Words Like They Used To

       Years ago, when it became apparent to me that I genuinely cared about the direction this country was headed, I discovered that terminology had been established, labels if you will, to describe all the various political philosophies, worldviews, and ideologies that exist, or have ever existed.  In doing so, I also discovered that the most common label for anyone who thinks like me, was “Conservative;” while those who are the opposite of me are called, “Progressive.”  Like most, I accepted the terminology as it was presented to me, without giving any thought to what these words actually mean.  Aside from the defining lists of tenets of these opposing ideologies, the general implication is that Conservatives are old-fashioned traditionalists; while Progressives are forward-thinking modernists.  With noses held high, Progressives fancy themselves an enlightened bunch, pushing America along to a “better future,” while they drag us Conservatives behind them, like a ball & chain slowing down the “progress.”  But is this reality?  After researching and reading; and most importantly, thinking, it hit me, that the way the words were being applied, didn’t match the definitions.

The definition of ‘progressive,’ from Webster’s Dictionary is as follows:


a :  of, relating to, or characterized by progress


b :  making use of or interested in new ideas, findings, or opportunities  


:  of, relating to, or characterized by progression


:  moving forward or onward :  advancing
       Now, if we look at the components of the “Progressive” ideology, we’ll see that none of them can be represented by the above definition, and in fact, are representative of the antonym of progressive, which is, regressive.  Let’s look at the economical ideology and the two major social issues the left champions, starting with the issue of abortion.      
       The left will say they have made great “progress” in “civil rights” and “women’s health,” by legalizing the abortion of pregnancies.  Never mind the racist history of abortion in America, which is another regressive attribute of “progressivism,” and another article entirely; abortion has been practiced all over the globe, since ancient times.  The barbaric practice of ending human life before it leaves the womb, has been performed by uncivilized cultures, with varying degrees of unusual cruelty throughout history, until the United States (being the home of new ideas it was, relative to the times), made the practice illegal.  The reasons vary, but Americans have tended to hold human life in high regard.  One of the more obvious reasons, is that the United States was founded on moral principles regarding human life.  At our beginning, and for the first 100 years or so, we were a truly progressive nation.  But like they always do, the baser elements of man took over, and have been leading us down a path of regression, back to past, uncivilized ways.  I’ve even heard some leftists speaking about the possibility of giving parents the right to euthanize their children, up to two years old.  But to stay on point, there is nothing progressive about abortion.  It, and the legalization of it, are both very old-fashioned things.      
       The other major issue for the “Progressives”, is the issue of homosexuality, or to use their terminology, “gay rights”.  Homosexual behavior has been around since the beginning of man.  In some ancient cultures, it was not only accepted, but encouraged.  Why then, do “Progressives” insist on telling us, that in order to leave the past behind and move into the future, we must accept homosexuality as normal behavior, equal to natural sexuality?  We were leaving the past behind, in so many ways.  The United States was, at one time, on a true path to progress.  Homosexuality was finally in its rightful place as a mental illness for the secular, and as a sin for the religious.  Its practice was no longer being glorified as it was in some ancient cultures; and it’s practitioners were being dealt with in civil ways, as opposed to the uncivil dealings in Middle Eastern countries.  Now, in 2015, those who partake in homosexual behavior, have been artificially promoted to race status.  Despite zero scientific evidence, and nothing but feelings on their side, the useful imbeciles on the left have spit in the face of progress once again.  And the saddest part for them, is that their puppet-masters are only using their “plight” as a tool, to bring down the civil society.      
       We can look back to the beginning of human history and find totalitarian governments.  From monarchies, to dictatorships, to empires; an oppressive, tyrannical government that controls its citizens with violence, imprisonment, and taxation is the oldest governing style in the book.  It wasn’t until the United States came along, with its Declaration of Independence, and its Constitution, that a people would serve as their own government, and that individual rights were not given by the government, but protected by it.  It was a new idea, a forward-thinking idea, a progressive idea.  Freedom was the way of the future.  Now fast forward to the 20th and 21st centuries and the folks who’ve laid claim to the word progressive are doing everything in their power to stop it.  For example, I’d bet most Americans have no idea, that before 1913, there was no permanent income tax.  The “Progressives” fixed that, by working to enact the 16th amendment to the constitution, which gave the federal government the authority to tax the fruits of our labor.  Their answer for everything, is to either tax it or ban it; with the exception of a select few issues they champion.  One on hand, they use taxes to punish things they don’t like; and on the other hand, to prop up things they support.  It would take to long to digress into explaining every detail, of every dastardly thing they stand for, but that’s not my point here anyway.  I’m only outlining why it’s ridiculous for them to call themselves progressive.
       So why the misleading terminology?  I happen to believe the selection of the word progressive was a calculated move.  It sounds good.  It sounds positive.  Who doesn’t like progress?  If you can take away the meanings of words, you can say, or propose anything you want, and very few people will question your intentions.  I would love to see a nationwide movement, to begin referring to those on the left as, ‘Secular-Regressives;’ and to rightfully claim progress as a tenet of the right, which it indeed is.  Unfortunately, too many on the right have allowed the left to control the language used in sociopolitical discourse, so much so, that even we use their language.  We view the word, ‘progress’ in a negative light, because we associate it with the left, and by doing so, have allowed the left to paint us as, “being against progress,” when in reality, we are only against their “progressive” ideas.

22 thoughts on “They Ain’t Makin’ Words Like They Used To

  1. I think a lot of the problems began when Carrie Nation started smashing up saloons in the pre-prohibition days. If I’m not mistaken, her efforts which would eventually lead to the failed prohibition movement, were some of the earliest steps towards the government imposing on any aspect of day to day life. A few decades later and Madalyn O’Hair comes along with something else the government should ban: prayer in schools… Both of these women, as as far as I can tell, suffered from an inability to respect the opinions and choices of other people. I don’t know about anybody else but I can’t remember ever praying in a school, although I pray every day going into work… growing up I s’pose. I think a lot of the problem is exactly what the ‘left’ says it is: intolerance. Folks can’t abide the notion anymore that there are people who think differently than they do. The ‘left’ gets so shook up that some people have a different frame of mind that they become exactly the thing they claim to be against; intolerant. If we as a species can just resolve to let other people live their own lives and not try and change everybody, we’d be a lot better off. We’d also ride on our flying pigs to a blimp casino where Elvis would sing Andrew Lloyd Webber songs every night in front of a chorus of dancing tuna fish.


    1. Good thoughts, Fuzz. Yep, the prohibition amendment was one of the three “Progressive” amendments. I hope my point was clear that I wasn’t trying to debate the issues, as much as just pointing out that the left’s positions are not new or progressive ideas.


    1. I will return to SCM, if Trigger allows me to use my icon. He politely informed me that he would have to start deleting my comments if I didn’t change it. I politely informed him that changing my icon was not an option for me, and to avoid bothering him, I would just stop using his site.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Would you be willing to trade it in for the stars n bars? I’m just looking for a compromise. I see this thing from both sides: You’re an American patriot who values your freedom of speech, and even the suggestion of having that taken away is offensive, and Trigg just wants to focus on the music.
        Personally, I don’t have a problem with your avatar, even though I don’t agree with it. Anyway, you know more about country music than any group of liberal Johnny-come-lately commentors at the site ever could, and your opinion is appreciated around the site. Not to mention when the discussion turns political, you’re a conservative voice that’s able to hold your own with the liberals and articulate your argument the way I wish I could. Long story short, myself and many others appreciate your opinion so either write some more articles for this site, or stop by scm every once in a while.


        1. Thanks Dale.

          I’m curious. If you’re a Conservative, why do you disagree with my icon?

          I’m sorry my friend. I have to stick to my guns on this. And just to set the record straight, this isn’t a case of Trigger wanting to be just about the music. This is Trigger caving to the irrational, leftist mob, that’s been threatening to quit reading his site if he didn’t ban me; along with the crybabies who tried to pick a fight with me over it, almost every time I commented.

          I’ll try to write more on here, but it’s hard to find time when I’ve got a full-time job and mouths to feed. Trigger’s a single guy, who earns his livelihood with SCM, so he’s got all the time in the world to write.

          By the way, I’d never use the Confederate Flag. That’s the flag of the Democrat party. I used to fly one when I was a young redneck, then I learned the real history and changed my whole opinion.


          1. That’s the tricky part; I’m not sure I’m a legitimate conservative. On some issues I would identify as a conservative, and on some I wouldn’t. As far as gay people go, Americans anyway, I don’t care what adults do with another adult. But I don’t think the state has any business fining a baker for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple. With that said, I think the gay community doesn’t do themselves any favors by holding parades with guys in speedos making out in public with one another.


          2. That’s cool, Dale. You sound like a Libertarian.

            I’m not concerned with what adults to with each other, but I refuse to accept something as normal, when it’s obviously not. And I’m tired of having deviant sexuality shoved in my face everywhere I turn.

            I just posted another article by the way.


          3. And with that said I don’t mind your avatar either. Other commenters should quit being such pussies and respect other people’s right to free speech, whether they agree or not.


        2. The hypocrisy is what’s maddening. I have no doubt that if someone used a rainbow flag for their avatar, or something promoting “pro-choice”, not a word would be said-mainly because no one would even notice it as being a “political statement”, because when the consensus veers towards the left and everyone pretty much agrees with with everyone else on that, they don’t even see it as being political, they just think that’s what every “right-minded” person would support. Just like they didn’t think that the Dixie Chicks trashing a sitting president in a foreign country should’ve been seen as political, or at least not enough to boycott their music, but they have conniptions over Toby Keith (not the best example-let’s say instead, someone like Ted Nugent, who is unapologetically and publicly conservative, but keeps it out of his music). They go ballistic over him, even though he keeps his politics and his music separate, which is more than almost any band or artist with left leanings ever does. It’s not the right for whom the slogan “Shut up and sing” was invented.


  2. Hi Clint, Melanie here, who has posted a few times over at SCM. When I discovered that site, I thought I’d found a home, a group of mostly like-minded people who valued the tradition of country music, and its mostly conservative roots, even if the other people weren’t necessarily conservative politically. Nope, it’s not home, I don’t think I fit in. I don’t agree with the ethos that country music “must” evolve, at least not in the artificial, politically-correct way that the industry is pushing. I’ve heard Scott Borchette jokingly (more or less) called the antichrist of country music-call me paranoid, but I believe that there really could be a concerted, targeted effort to destroy country music as it was, because it was seen as one of the remaining bastions of a conservative viewpoint and the voice of a more or less conservative people. It’s been done with every other conservative institution in this country, including even the military, why not the music, which like other parts of popular culture, has a role in propaganda, whether intentional on the part of the individual players or not?

    Oh well, I’m past the half-century mark, and I’ve pretty much accepted that country music as I knew it, as my parents knew it, as my grandparents knew it, will probably die with my generation, along with other markers of conservative culture and voices. In the meantime, I will play my old records (or downloads, as the case may be), watch my DVDs of old Opry stars and “Hee Haw”, and be thankful if once in a while I come across a kindred soul who “gets it” from the same perspective. I don’t know yet if that’s you, but so far, at least it seems we have something in common at last as far as country music goes.

    Got your site bookmarked.


    1. Thanks Melanie,

      To your point about the destruction of Country music as a Conservative institution, I couldn’t agree more. I believe that is absolutely part of what is happening.

      Rural, Conservative people under 40 years old, tend to listen to mainstream Country, while traditional Country, along with Indie, Americana, etc., seems to have drawn in an urban, leftist group of fans.

      This leaves a dinosaur like me out in the cold, as I don’t fit in to either group.

      While I fit in culturally, socially, and politically with rural, middle-America Conservatives, I have no interest whatsoever in new Country. And while urban leftists have begun to enjoy my beloved traditional Country, as an alternative to what they were raised on, I can’t get along with them, because they are my enemies in every other regard.

      I don’t know how long you’ve been on SCM, but I used to comment there almost daily, but Trigger said he would start deleting my comments unless I changed my Avatar, so I decided to leave there instead.

      Trigger is a gifted writer, but I don’t believe he “gets it”, the way you or I do. Country music is an established sound, and if you get to far away from that sound, it’s not evolution; it’s another kind of music.


      1. I was a classic rock baby. My parents spun the classic rock and the “then current “feel like a woman”” country. I remember one day my dad plopped me down for a “Hee-Haw” rerun and said “check this out” and I remember very vividly hearing Junior Samples tell a joke that went something like this:
        “I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for you”
        “does this mean you want to get married?”
        “I said I had a soft spot in my heart, not my head.”

        Needless to say I was hooked. Pretty soon I had a routine going. I’d watch a weekly Hee-Haw show, and then go find CDs by whomever the guest stars had been that episode. I remember fighting with my parents growing up because Ma didn’t want to listen to Uncle Dave Macon or the Skillet Lickers, although we shared common ground in the Louvin Brothers.

        I remember writing a paper in High School, in which I criticized Blake Shelton’s “Hillbilly Bone” for being stupid, and praised Waylon’s “Six White Horses” for being profound and meaningful. (this was before “bro” music made stupid the norm.)

        As for the political thing: I think most of my friends are liberals, while I’m a conservative. That’s the beauty of making good music, it appeals to people equally. Even my “left” friends agree with me on Hank Jr’s “Mr. Lincoln.”

        Music should, and regularly does transcend other boundaries.

        If anyone wants to hear a gorgeous song about it: google John McDermott singing “Christmas in the Trenches.”

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        1. Good story Fuzz. It sounds like you’ve soaked up a lot, in a relatively short time. I’ll bet you could teach me a lot about the old-time music, since that’s not really my forte. My area of expertise is mainstream Country, pre-2000.

          You know, I actually thought you were a liberal. I just never wanted to argue with you about it cause you’re such a good dude.

          I still check out SCM occasionally to what’s going on, and I always look for your comments. I saw you arguing with someone about the fakeness of Maddie & Tae. I completely agreed with you and couldn’t believe how much flak you were getting. I reminded me of one of my favorite sayings. I don’t know where it came from, but it goes like this:

          “It’s very easy to fool someone, but nearly impossible to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”


          1. I think, on the being fooled thing, that for all of our brains, we’re real smart when it comes to defending the dumb stuff we think and do.
            John Quincy Adams has been estimated to have a higher I.Q. than president Lincoln AND president Jefferson. He went to Harvard, he spoke Latin and Greek, he’d translated Cicero before he was 21, he’d been to London, Paris, AND Amsterdam. And during his presidency he wanted to tunnel to the center of the Earth and start trade with the mole people.

            As for what I absorbed, I had the benefit of my father knowing his salt when it came to music (mostly mainstream though) and on the old-timey stuff: unfortunately, due to a near total lack of reissues, a lot of the “Country” music before 1960 is near totally lost to people who don’t have lots of money to shell out for 78s that have been in an attic for decades. I’m talking about “Sheriff” Tom Owens and Mac O’dell and so many others.


        2. I will look for that song, I’d like to hear it.

          Watching “Hee-Haw” is an education in the culture of “country” in itself, because even though it did poke fun and further some stereotypes, it did it lightheartedly, with love, and with a core of truth. It never offended this hick 🙂


  3. Exactly, it’s as if you read my mind. When I find people on the same page re traditional country (I’m afraid I can’t get into the “Americana”, etc, stuff too much), the people seem to be politically left and want country music to “evolve”-I can’t make out into what, except something not conservative, which was one of the bones, if you will, of country music. Country music, as I knew it, had to be conservative, it was in the DNA. That shouldn’t be so surprising, considering the cross-pollination from the beginning between country music and gospel/religious music.


  4. Oh and I love your avatar (I have been banned from a website before for my avatar, which was the Confederate flag, you know, the famous one. It’s in my state flag, and I’m a supporter. I know you see that issue differently, but hopefully we can agree to disagree, as I was raised with it as a marker of southern pride and can’t bring myself to see it differently after all these years:) )


  5. While I fit in culturally, socially, and politically with rural, middle-America Conservatives, I have no interest whatsoever in new Country. And while urban leftists have begun to enjoy my beloved traditional Country, as an alternative to what they were raised on, I can’t get along with them, because they are my enemies in every other regard.

    My situation and observations to the tee.


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