About Me

I got so tired of having my head full of thoughts, that I decided to put them on the internet, instead of continuing to drive my poor wife crazy.

I am a straight, white, Christian, Country Music lover.  I live in Arkansas with my family.  This website is likely to cover a wide range of topics, but mostly it will cover the 3 things I enjoy the most: politics, religion, and Country music.

Politically, I am a rigid Constitutionalist.  I believe in adherence to the Constitution of the founding.  Personally, I am a social, and economical Conservative.  Basically, that means I support shoving Christianity and Capitalism down people’s throats at the state level, while the federal government gets out of people’s boardrooms, bedrooms, and pockets.

I am a fan of REAL Country music, which I would define as any of the variations of mainstream Country music, between 1925 and 1995.  REAL Country music hasn’t existed as a mainstream art form since 1995.  Modern, mainstream “Country” music is some form of bastardized pop music, with elements of almost every musical style, except Country.


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